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THE CHARLIE ADAMS MORNING SHOW on WKVI Indiana native Dan Sanders has started a fiction book series with Screams of Late Spring: A Rebel Joe Story, based from the caves, quarries and railroad tunnels of southern Indiana. Dan was on the Charlie Adams Morning Show to tell us about this new book!
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THE MITCHELL COMMUNITY PUBLIC LIBRARY welcomed Author Dan Sanders to discuss his new novel, Screams of Late Spring: A Rebel Joe Story on ZOOM. Dan also took many questions from the audience. The event is 46 minutes.

For several years, Dan Sanders’ writing was limited to the technology and computer data fields.

“But I’m an avid fiction reader and have been my whole life,” Sanders said.

For approximately eight years, the Carmel resident had been contemplating writing a book series.

“I hadn’t had the time to work on it with two kids with band, choir and sports,” said Sanders, who works in the information technology field. “As the kids got older, I had more and more time to devote to it and learn the craft of writing.”

Sanders’ self-published first novel, “Screams of Late Spring: A Rebel Joe Story,” was released Oct. 1.

MITCHELL — Dan Sanders spent hours driving across Orange and Lawrence counties seeking stories.

He wasn’t interviewing anyone. He just wanted to talk. And listen. The lore of the local area is just too good to pass up, and as he researched his family’s own history in Lawrence and Orange counties, the stories just kept getting better. Soon, he realized, after spending almost a decade hearing those stories, he had enough fodder for a book series. In fact, now that he’s self-published the first, he believes he has enough for 11 more.

Two Counties has always been a bit peculiar. More unmarked graves are dug there than proper ones, they say. And families keep secrets too. I'd learn that the hard way.
Pop and I caught the early train to Mitchell, Indiana, that morning. I was excited to see my cousin Birdy and run around town all day. But after I had an encounter with a cutthroat on the train, and when I found out I had a brother named Ray, I figured things couldn’t get any more dangerous or strange. 
Well I was wrong about that.  Before I could blink, I was off on a journey with Birdy and Ray, into the wilds of Two Counties, bound for Rebel Joe’s cave. I had no idea who Rebel Joe was or what was in his cave. I just hoped he wouldn’t be home when we got there.